Period pains

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Period pains

What can I do to stop period pains?
It best to do something about period pain before it gets really bad. Start by taking 1 tsp molasses in boiling water every morning (for the minerals your body needs). You can also take an aspirin the day before your period starts. Use heat to reduce pain - a hot water bottle, hot bath or shower. You can also ask your chemist to recommend a pain killer.

My tummy hurts so badly during my period, why is that?
Is it your tummy or your womb? Some women get an ‘upset tummy’ the day before her period starts or she may feel nauseous on the day of her period. Pelvic pain on the other hand is usually the contracting womb, but it can also be caused by a Urinary Tract Infection or other pelvic infections. If you also have a temperature, this could indicate an infection that needs to be seen to at the clinic or doctor. If the pain is relieved with heat – bath, shower, and hot water bottle – this is probably ‘period pain’ that will pass. Ask your pharmacist to recommend a pain killer that will help you to get through these difficult days!

I always have period pains just before my period, should I be worried?
Having period pains before the bleeding starts is quite normal and you don’t have to stress about it – just learn to deal with it. Picture the womb as the size of your clenched fist – now squeeze your fist to imitate ‘contractions’ – because this is what the womb does before a period starts – it contracts (or squeezes) to break down the inner lining called the endometrium into a liquid of blood and tissue that becomes your period.

What causes period pains?
Period pains are usually caused by a ‘contracting’ womb. This hollow muscular organ – the size of your clenched fist – needs to ‘squeeze’ to break down the inner lining called the endometrium so that it can clean out the womb because your body is not pregnant, and the lining is not needed. A hormone called prostaglandin helps the womb to contract, but if a woman has too much of this hormone, the contractions can be really strong and painful. Prostaglandin can be controlled by simply taking an aspirin the day before your period starts.

Do period pains affect my chances of falling pregnant?
No, period pains do not affect your chances of falling pregnant.

I always have back pains a day before my period, what causes that?
Backache before a period can be caused by bad posture. Sometimes it is caused by the position of the womb when it's leaning backwards instead of forwards. In severe cases, it can be caused by endometriosis.