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Period problem

Am I pregnant if I've skipped my period?
If a girl is sexually active and misses her period, the first thing she will worry about is pregnancy. Pregnancy kits are available at your pharmacy so you can do your own pregnancy test as soon as you suspect that you may be pregnant. If a girl is not sexually active and does not have a period for 2 months, there could be other reasons why her period is delayed. 1. Stress. Are you writing exams or is there a stressful situation in your life right now? 2. Are you over-exercising in preparation for a major sporting event? Women often stop having her periods until the sports event is over. This is OK 3. Are you dieting excessively and losing weight? This can also stop periods 4. Are you ill or have you been ill recently? This can also delay periods for a while.

Is it normal to get a period for longer than 3 weeks?
No. This is bleeding that is longer than a period. If this continues, please go to the clinic or see your doctor.